Plan for Colwyn Bay pier emergency works agreed

Steps to make Victoria Pier and surrounding area safe following the recent collapse have been agreed.

Cabinet Members have this afternoon approved the recommendation to dismantle the seaward end of the pier, and save and store the elements of heritage value.

An urgent report was presented to the Cabinet to explain the extent of the collapse and the proposals.

Whilst the site has been cordoned off from the public, the structure remains a very real risk to health and safety.

The collapsed part of the structure is also compromising the structural integrity of the remainder of the pier.

Cabinet Members were advised that if the issue is not dealt with immediately, the risk is that the pier structure could ‘unravel’ causing significant damage to steel sections and result in their permanent loss without the correct recording.

The seaward section of the pier will be dismantled, the elements of heritage value will be saved and stored.

The work is expected to take about 3 weeks, and contractors will be working under very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees.

Council officers will continue to liaise with CADW and HSE, and keep them informed of progress.

Security arrangements will remain in place and members of the public are asked to keep a safe distance from the structure.