Teacher driving minibus would not have had time to react before hitting pupil, inquest told

A teacher who hit a pupil while driving a minibus outside a school would have had less than a second to react, an inquest has heard.

15-year-old Ashley Talbot, was running to board his bus home from Maesteg Comprehensive School at the end of the school day in December 2014, when he collided with a minibus driven by PE teacher Chris Brooks.

PC Christopher Street, who carried out an investigation into the fatal incident, said he believed that the minibus has been travelling at between 14 and 17 mph when the crash happened and in his view, he said, there was no evidence to suggest that Mr Brooks' driving had been unsafe.

Flowers were laid outside the school after the 15 year old's death in December 2014. Credit: ITV News

Jury members in the inquest at Aberdare Coroner's Court was shown CCTV footage from coaches parked in the bus bay at the school. It showed coaches parked on both sides of the road, which PC Street said had created a "tunnel effect" and would have limited the vision of oncoming drivers to children crossing ahead.

The inquest, now in its third day, has already heard how the headteacher at the time described the daily "chaos" as children left the school to go home. Pupils, called as witnesses, said they had seen "near misses" on several occasions.

This morning, the jury heard further evidence from coach driver Hedley Williams, who said that what happened to Ashley Talbot had been "an accident waiting to happen".

The inquest is ongoing.