Police appeal after Welsh couple killed in South Africa

Roger and Christine Solik were killed following an armed robbery on their farmland estate in South Africa. Credit: Wales News Service

A couple from Wales, who moved to South Africa to live nearly 40 years ago, have been killed in an armed robbery on their farmland estate there, police have confirmed.

Roger and Christine Solik, who moved from Abercynon to South Africa after getting married in 1980, were killed after armed raiders broke into their home.

57-year-old Christine was found dead in a river 45 miles from the estate, with the body of 66-year-old Roger found the following day.

Their children described them as "devoted" to each other.

The couple initially emigrated on a two-year visa but decided to stay, with Christine returning to Wales just last month for the funeral of her father.

A spokesman for the South African Police Service confirmed Mr Solik's body was found around 3km away from his wife's body.

They said they were working "around the clock" to locate the suspects.