View from the Valleys: Why obesity is now the main concern in the Valleys

Dr David Bailey works as a GP Credit: ITV Wales

The health problems of the south Wales Valleys are well documented but the legacy of heavy industry can no longer be to blame.

That's the view of one Valley's doctor who says the health problems of the area are now the same as other parts of the country, but there is a real issue with lifestyle health problems.

David Bailey is a GP near Caerphilly. He says most of the problems in his surgery now revolve around Type 2 diabetes, smoking and obesity. There are similar issues experienced across the country but David Bailey says the situation in the Valleys is made worse by the difficulty in recruiting doctors.

As part of our View from the Valleys series on Wales At Six we'll be looking at the issue of health and how it can be improved.

Our Health reporter James Crichton-Smith has been to the Keir Hardie health park in Merthyr Tydfil .

It's the first of its kind in Wales.

Watch his report here.