The mothers fighting to stop young men from taking their own lives

Lisa Noman, Julie Besley & Nicola Abraham Credit: ITV Wales

Lisa Noman, Julie Besley and Nicola Abraham are living with the pain of losing a child, but their sons didn't die from an accident or illness. They killed themselves.

Within the space of a year, the three men - who were friends - would be dead and now the mothers are campaigning to stop others from doing the same.

Read the personal account of the mothers on life after a family suicide

Jacob Abraham, Mathew Besley and Andrew Noman died within a year of each other

ITV Wales first met Nicola and Lisa last December. Their sons Jacob and Andrew had killed themselves and they wanted to raise awareness about male suicide. But the mothers had another concern - cocaine and its effect on young people in their community.

These mothers have no doubt. They blame their sons' cocaine use for their suicides.

One drug expert has told ITV Wales there is a link between suicide and cocaine and that we should be concerned about the drug.

But suicide is a complex issue. There are usually multiple factors involved.In Wales, as in the rest of the UK, the male rate is much higher than that for women. Prince William recently said it was an ''an appalling stain on our society."


Male suicides in Wales in 2015


Female suicides in Wales in 2015

The mothers believe more should and could be done. They want to change the public discussion around suicide believing it is still a taboo subject for many people.

We arranged for them to meet with the Health Secretary Vaughan Gething. He agreed there was more government could and today it has been announced that an NHS handbook which is supposed to be given to grieving relatives will be updated with new information.

You can read that booklet here.

Overall these mothers want to reduce the suicide rate among men and they hope their stories will help to change things for the better.

You can see the moving story of the mothers on Wales This Week tonight at 8 o'clock on ITV Wales or online here from Tuesday.