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Council tax lower in Wales than England

Credit: PA Images

New figures reveal that council tax in Wales remains lower than in England.

The average Band D council tax for Wales in 2017/18 is £1,420, £171 less than the average in England.

Councils here are facing some real financial challenges but these latest figures show we are protecting local government from the worst of the cuts handed down by Westminster and, in doing so, protecting the taxpayer; a situation that has not been replicated on the other side of the border. In 2017-18, we are increasing funding for local government by £10 million compared to 2016-17. Under the funding floor we introduced in the Local Government Settlement, no council will have to manage on less than 99.5% of the cash provided to them last year, and most will have more. While our Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) is playing a key role in tackling poverty in Wales we’re currently looking at how we can make the system fairer for those who less able to contribute. We’ll make a further announcement on our plans during the course of this Assembly term.

– Mark Drakeford AM, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government