Rhondda MP Chris Bryant has called for a commemorative shield to be erected in the House of Commons in memory of PC Keith Palmer who died in Wednesday's Westminster attack.

The heraldic shield is usually reserved for MPs killed while in office.

As well as honouring MPs killed in wars, there are also shields in memory of Conservative MP Ian Gow, who was killed by an IRA car bomb in 1990, and Tory shadow Northern Ireland secretary Airey Neave, who died in a car bomb attack in Westminster in 1979.

I think one of the things we saw yesterday was that the parliamentary family is a very big family. It includes cooks, and cleaners, and clerks, and door keepers and all sorts of people who make our democracy function - who are in many ways far more important than we are. When an MP dies in action a shield is put up in this chamber. Surely it is time - whatever other tributes there may be, whatever other medals there may be in the future - Keith had a shield in this chamber because he was our shield and defender yesterday.

Chris Bryant MP, Labour, Rhondda

Conservative MP Byron Davies (Gower), a former London Metropolitan Police officer, added his voice to the tributes paid to Pc Keith Palmer and said security services must be supported.

As someone who actually served on the counter terrorist command in the 1980s here in London, when the IRA, the Irish National Liberation Army and indeed other Middle Eastern groups were bombing London, I know only too well the challenges faced by the police. I know you have been already asked about resourcing but can I reinforce that, please, by asking that in the area of counter terrorism that the Met Police - indeed all police forces and indeed the security services generally - should want for nothing.

Byron Davies MP, Conservative, Gower