Labour leaders at Llandudno

Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn campaigning in the 2016 Welsh election Photo: PA, Benjamin Wright

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Carwyn Jones will be speaking to delegates at Welsh Labour's conference in Llandudno today.

The UK leader will be speaking against a backdrop of continuing division within his party over his leadership.

Last year at Llandudno he was given a hero's welcome by activists but a much more muted reception by Labour's elected members at all levels.

Since then he's won, overwhelmingly, a second leadership contest fought against a Welsh MP, Owen Smith although that election hasn't settled the disagreements within the party.

The First Minister will use his speech to try to focus Welsh Labour's attention away from the party's ongoing problems and onto its efforts in the forthcoming council elections.

Carwyn Jones is expected to say that his Welsh Government will strive to make Wales 'a fair work nation' and to announce the creation of a Fair Work Commission.

I made no apology for putting jobs and growth at the heart of successive budgets in the last Assembly, and I make no apology for putting it at the heart of our Brexit positions either. Unemployment in Wales now stands at 4.4% - lower than the UK average. Lower than London, Scotland and most English regions. We know that on almost every measure that counts – prosperity, happiness, wellbeing - work matters.

It’s not just about manufacturing. Just last month we created or safeguarded some 1600 jobs as a direct result of the support offered by our Welsh Labour Government. Like the support we’re giving to Dyfed Steels in Llanelli to help them increase capacity at their site, creating 30 new jobs and safeguarding 170 more. Or the 260 new jobs we’re creating in partnership with Welsh ICE over the next two years in Wrexham at a new Business Hub for young entrepreneurs.

“But, we know this is just one part of the challenge. Work matters. But so does pay. So does fairness at work. So does security and productivity. And these are the challenges we will take on in this Assembly term.

I want to make Wales a ‘fair work nation’ where everyone can access better jobs closer to home - developing skills and careers; where we can all expect decent, life enhancing work – without exploitation or poverty; where we all build prosperity and all share in that prosperity.

And so I can announce today that next week I will be bringing together our social partners – the Wales TUC and businesses organisations – to discuss the establishment of a Fair Work Commission that can help us build an economy in which more people can have access to good work and a secure income.

– First Minister, Carwyn Jones AM

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