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The future of cricket explained: what is proposed in the new 20/20 competition?

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The head of Glamorgan County Cricket Club says he's hopeful Cardiff will be awarded one of the new city-based teams that will make up a proposed new nationwide 20/20 competition to rival the IPL.

It's hoped the new teams will breath life in the game in England and Wales.

It's a fantastic opportunity for us really to try and reestablish ourselves as a national summer sport in Wales.

The success that we've seen in Australia with the Big Bash and in India with the Indian Premier League has been phenomenal.

It's brought new audiences into the grounds, it's brought a lot more women, a lot more children, and that's what this competition is targeting.

– Hugh Morris, Chief Executive, Glamorgan CCC

What is proposed?

A new look 20/20 competition made up of new city-based teams to rival Australia’s Big Bash and the Indian Premier Leagur.

Eight teams will compete in 36 matches over 38 days with games coming thick and fast.

The new teams will be separate entities from the counties but will each be based at one county ground.

The hope is that the dwindling domestic game in England and Wales can prosper with big names, big crowds, big action much like it has in Australia and India.

What will happen to the counties?

They will continue as they are.

They’ll still have a mix of formats of their own including 4 day, T20 and limited overs competitions.

The county T20 competition will probably be played earlier in the year in order not to clash with the proposed new competition.

Counties hosting one of the 8 new teams may well take more games around their area and visit more of their ‘out grounds’.

So who are the teams?

That is to be decided and it’s likely to be a fierce contest.

Each county will get the chance to bid for a franchise to be based at their ground.

Importantly though, the counties will not be running the new sides.

They will be centrally run teams with host counties benefitting from match day income and venue fee as well as any knock-on effect of improved participation and interest in the game.

With 18 First Class counties competing for just 8 teams it’s going to be a battle.

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Who will play for which team? It’s likely to be an IPL-style open auction for players albeit with a wage cap in place to keep things sensible.

Expect all the top home-based stars to be in it plus the best of the rest of the world too with each side likely to be allowed 3 overseas players.

There is also talk of each team having ‘wildcard’ selections from the season’s preceding domestic 20/20 competition with the hope that any surprise performers will get a chance to try their luck at the top level.

When does it start? Summer 2020 is the aim.

The new competition first needs to be agreed, then ratified, then bid for, and then organised and have players assigned before it can get going, so there’s lots to do.

If it does though it could be a momentous moment for cricket in England and Wales.