Rare orange lobster caught off Welsh coast

A rare orange lobster has been caught off Wales.

Lobsters usually only turn orange when they are cooked, but the only pot this common European lobster has seen is a lobster pot.

After being retrieved from the sea, the lobster was taken to Anglesey Sea Zoo.

The zoo says "the only colour thought to be rarer than the orange form is the albino lobster, and the odds of catching one of these is considered to be 1 in 100 million."

The orange lobster stands out from the crowd. Credit: Anglesey Sea Zoo

The lobster was caught by Tristan Wood. He said: “As soon as I saw this amazing female in the lobster catch, she stood out from all the other lobsters, and I knew she was unique and I had to save her from the pot.

"In all the years I have been working in sustainable lobster fisheries, this is the first time I have seen a bright orange individual like this one."