'I don't want to be defined by what happened to me - I'd rather be defined by what I did about it'

British army veteran Simon Weston CBE joins Adrian in the kitchen to reflect on his career and talk about family life in tonight's episode of Adrian's Welsh Bites.

Simon was thrust into the public eye after he was severely injured in an attack on his ship during the Falklands War.

The explosion resulted in the deaths of 48 people, and he was left severely injured with burns to over 46% of his body.

The burnt out remains of the Sir Galahad in Bluff Cove after the Argentinian air attack in 1982 Credit: PA Images

Simon told ITV News he spent 'the best part' of five years in hospital and to date, has had more than 90 surgical procedures and reconstructive operations.

Simon Weston receives the South Atlantic Medal from The Duke of Edinburgh six months after the attack Credit: PA

Simon revealed he battled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder over the years.

"The weird thing with PTSD is you feel as if you're the only one going through it. The fact of the matter is there are thousands of people going through it every day but I knew I needed to do something", he said.

Simon made the decision to meet the Argentinian pilot, Carols Cachon, who was responsible for dropping the bomb that caused his injuries. They have since become friends.

Simon chose to make a quiche for Adrian (while follownig strict instruction of his wife!

He also revealed his wife, Lucy, has been a massive support to him over the years, but said there was 'a doubt in his mind' whether he'd ever meet someone after he was injured.

Simon's wife Lucy keeps a close eye on his cooking!

"I was looking at it superficially. I was always looking at it like - would anybody want me? So you do doubt whether you're going to meet somebody and have your family"

Simon and Lucy married in 1990 and have three children together Credit: PA

Simon is now heavily involved in charity work and motivational speaking and said he has 'achieve more in many ways' throughout his career that he may not have had he not been injured.

Credit: PA

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