Second opinion poll of Westminster election due later

After the result of the Welsh Barometer poll two weeks ago, which suggested the Conservatives were well in the lead and could be on course to win more than half the Welsh seats, there's plenty of anticipation about what the latest poll will show later today.

Pretty nervous anticipation for the political parties. Even the Conservatives had mixed feelings about being shown so far ahead, as they don't want any of their supporters thinking that the election is in the bag. The other parties just wish they weren't so far behind, with Labour the most to lose.

The last poll did contain one crumb of comfort for Labour though, the party was still in first place when people were asked how they intended to vote in the local elections, which were held last Thursday.

...but suggested that in the local elections Labour would stay in first place, as happened in last week's vote. Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

The election results did indeed leave Labour still ahead in Welsh local government, albeit with a diminished lead. Work on the latest opinion poll began on Friday and will be interesting to see if support for Labour in the General Election has improved in the wake of the local results.

Today's poll will also reveal if there's been any shift on the underlying issues that have been helping the Conservatives: Theresa May's relative popularity and the perception by many voters that the Tories are the best party to handle Brexit and other concerns that people say are most important to them at this election.