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Welsh Labour launches Westminster election campaign

Carwyn Jones will campaign mostly on pledges about what his government is doing, rather than what Labour would do in power at Westminster. Photo: PA

Welsh Labour's campaign for the Westminster election gets underway this morning with First Minister Carwyn Jones unveiling five pledges.

  • A "real living wage" of £10 per hour and investment to create jobs
  • Protecting the NHS and social care budgets
  • Keep free school breakfasts and invest more in school standards
  • 853 more Welsh police officers and increase victims' rights
  • Provide 20,000 more affordable homes in Wales

With the exception of increasing the national living wage and the pledge on police numbers and victims' rights, they are all promises about what the Welsh Government will do, rather than what Labour would do in power at Westminster.

Mr Jones will attempt to build on Welsh Labour's better than expected performance in the local elections, despite the loss of control of three councils. He believes Labour must try to move the political debate away from the question of whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn should be Prime Minister.

This isn’t just about leadership – it is about unity. We in Welsh Labour – councillors, MPs and AMs – we are united, and we are working together for Wales.

What this party can achieve, in campaigns – and more importantly, in Government, knows no bounds – when we stand together, united. That is how we must now approach the next five weeks.

You know the Tories’ explanation for why they didn’t make the predicted breakthroughs last week – it was just local elections they said - and Welsh Labour are well-known for having good local campaigns. Well, we make no apology for that.

But, if you think we are taking the foot off the pedal for the next few weeks, you’ve got another thing coming.

– First Minister and Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones AM

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