Two women speak out about their low moods and anxiety while taking the contraceptive pill

Two women from south Wales have spoken out about their episodes of low mood and anxiety while taking the contraceptive pill.

Over the course of two years, 21-year-old Ffion Owen, from Pontyberem,alternated between taking three different kinds of oral contraceptivepills.

23-year-old Sarah Boudreaux from Swansea, who took the combined oralcontraceptive pill in the past but who now uses the hormonal patch,also said her general mood has been affected.

A study of more than a million women published in Denmark lastSeptember claimed to have found a link between hormonal contraceptionand depression.

It claimed those on the combined oral contraceptive pill are 23% more likely to develop depression and use antidepressants, with other methods of contraception, such as the patch and the coil, posing an even higher risk.

The study inspired Sarah to carry out her own research as part of herfinal year project for her degree in Psychology. 446 women haveanswered her questionnaire about emotions and hormonal contraception.

She says “I found that young women in the age gap of 18-25 do feel instances of low mood and feel they need to speak to people about how they feel when they are on hormonal contraception, compared to people who aren’t.”

But according to Dr Cath Lloyd, a former GP who specialised incontraceptive and sexual health, contraception with a lower dose ofhormones may be a more suitable option for some women.