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New Welsh election poll due out later

The last poll showed Labour back in the lead but the Conservatives also well up on 2015 Photo: ITV News Cymru Wales

The latest Welsh Barometer Opinion Poll, which provides the only regular look at how Welsh people say they're going to vote, will be published this afternoon. Both the political parties and elections experts will be looking to see if Labour has consolidated the clear lead it established in the last poll ten days ago.

Although the Tories slipped to second place in the most recent poll, the Conservative vote was still seven percentage points higher than in 2015. It's the smaller parties that have been squeezed. But earlier in the campaign, there'd been a clear Conservative lead.

The Conservatives began the campaign in lead in Wales, according to the first opinion poll Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

Initially, that picture didn't change but factors such as the growing popularity of Jeremy Corbyn, a slip in Theresa May's ratings and other issues joining Brexit as major concerns for voters all appear to have contributed to a shift in the polls.

The second poll shows the Tories apparently consolidating their position. Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

It's likely that the final week of the campaign will produce further shifts in opinion, as voters make up their minds. The final Welsh Barometer poll of this election will be published on June 7, the day before the polling stations open.