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UKIP's Neil Hamilton: "we knew there would be a massive squeeze"

Neil Hamilton told ITV News he "could not be tempted" to run as national leader Credit: ITV News

Neil Hamilton, UKIP's leader in the Welsh Assembly has said his party expected a "massive squeeze of tactical voting."

The party failed to gain a single seat in Thursday's election - losing Clacton, their only seat, to the Conservatives.

Earlier today the party's national leader Paul Nuttall resigned.

Obviously I'm disappointed with with the UKIP vote but we knew there was going to be a massive squeeze of tactical voting and that seems to have happened to all the other parties as well.

Labour and the Tories have ended up between them with 90% of the vote which is the first time for many many years that's happened.

– Neil Hamilton AM, UKIP

Speaking to ITV Wales, Mr Hamilton said he "was not a candidate" to replace Paul Nuttall as leader.

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