Jones tells May: Don't pick Brexit fight with Wales

Carwyn Jones and Theresa May joined forces to announce Swansea City deal Credit: PA, Ben Birchall

The First Minister has written to the Prime Minister warning her not to pick a fight with Wales during talks on leaving the European Union.

Carwyn Jones also tells Theresa May that the election result shows that her government 'has no mandate for the sort of ‘hard Brexit’ which you have championed.'

In the strongly-worded letter, the First Minister,

  • DEMANDS an urgent meeting of the devolved governments with the Prime Minister via the Joint Ministerial Committee

  • TELLS her she has no mandate for a 'hard Brexit'

  • URGES her to use the Welsh White Paper with its plan for 'full and unfettered access' to the single market as a basis for negotiations

  • WARNS the Prime Minister not to take powers to London from devolved areas when they're transferred from Brussels or risk 'a fight you do not need to have'

  • DEMANDS better relations between the UK Government and the devolved nations

Carwyn Jones tells the Prime Minister that his government can be 'reliable and constructive partners' in the Brexit process, but with a clear warning that he could be obstructive if she fails to heed his advice.

You can read the full text of the letter below.