The Welsh Conservative leader says the UK government should make a clear guarantee that Wales 'will not lose a single pound as a result of Brexit.'

Andrew RT Davies, who was one of the most high-profile Leave campaigners in Wales, says Theresa May's government should pledge to match levels of funding that Wales currently receives from Brussels once Britain leaves the EU.

His call comes in an article that he's written for the Brexit Central website.

There is a need to send a strong message to each of the devolved administrations that the UK Government retains a steely determination to get a good deal, not just for the UK as a whole – but for each of its constituent parts. They should start right away. The Chancellor has already guaranteed EU funding until 2021.I want to hear firm guarantees that Wales will not lose a single pound as a result of Brexit.

Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative leader

He also calls for 'better ways' of engaging the devolved nations in the Brexit process, including a review of the Joint Ministerial Committee.

This is not the 1950s: we need to establish better ways to engage as a United Kingdom, the need for which will soon become clear once additional powers are returned to the UK from Brussels.

Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative leader

Mr Davies' position is different to that of UK Government ministers including the Welsh Secretary who say the devolved nations are engaged in the process through the JMC.

His position is very similar to that of the First Minister who's called for the JMC to be replaced by a Council of Ministers.

That doesn't stop him criticising the Labour leader in his article, telling him to 'take a close look in the mirror' and work with pro-Brexit parties as well as pro-remain.

And he widens his invitation to 'hard remainers,' urging them to 'lay down your weapons' and work with Brexiteers for a successful outcome to the negotiations.