First Minister Carwyn Jones has warned that the UK Government could find ways of giving extra money to Northern Ireland with giving similar help to Wales. The Democratic Unionist Party is believed to be demanding an extra £2 billion for health and infrastructure. Mr Jones said he'd welcome the equivalent for Wales, which would be about £3.3 billion if the Treasury stuck to the usual population-based formula.

Yes, if the money comes to Wales but I don't think they'll do it that way. They'll try and find many ways to throw money at the DUP without giving money to Wales. Clearly the talks have stalled because they've realised that it's not simply a question of 'let's throw money at Northern Ireland' because they've realised that means there are consequences for Scotland and Wales as well.

First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

The First Minister said the DUP would also have to decide whether it can support the UK Government's Brexit policy, which he's warned would remove powers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular areas, such as agriculture and fisheries