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Bank worker jailed for stealing thousands from elderly even after one of them had died

Anne Peterson, 59 was found guilty of four counts of fraud Credit: Wales News Service

A bank worker has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing £17,000 from elderly customers just two weeks after one of them had died.

Anne Peterson, 59, from Barry, was found guilty of four counts of fraud after stealing money from the elderly customer's accounts who'd banked with the Lloyds branch in Barry for many years.

She used experience she'd gained over her career to hide her crimes by diverting monthly statements.

Prosecutor Ieuan Bennet said that Peterson stripped £12,000 from Rona Wilson, 92 including £4,000 after her death. Mrs Wilson's daughter Christine Eddins told the court that the signature on a withdrawal slip was not her mother's.

Another customer William Tovey, 83, paid in £20,000 to an ISA account, but six unexplained withdrawals totalling £5,080 in 2012 flagged suspicions.

Peterson said that she was on holiday when the money was swiped from Mr Tovey's account and tried to divert blame to her colleagues.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC described Peterson's acts as a breach of trust.

You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You knew the bank system inside out, knowledge which you used to commit the offences. You showed no hint of remorse. You conducted yourself throughout in a cold and arrogant way. You are in my view a wicked, dishonest woman, stealing from two elderly bank customers who trusted you and then blaming others.

– Judge Stephen Hopkins QC

Peterson was found guilty of four counts of fraud and sentenced to two years in prison.