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Cancer patients in Wales say they receive high quality care - new survey shows

More than 90 per cent of patients in Wales say they had a positive experience in their cancer treatment, according to a new survey by the Welsh Government and Macmillan.

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It measures and understands patient experience of cancer care and treatment in Wales to help make improvements.

  • 93% of respondents rated their overall experience as 7/10 or more;
  • 97% of respondents who had a choice of treatments said that their treatment options were explained to them;
  • 90% of respondents rated the overall administration of their care as "good" or "very good";
  • 86% of respondents reported that they were given the name and contact details of their Key Worker.

The survey also found areas for improvement in information quality, offer of a written care plan, and experience in certain cancers such as sarcoma and brain cancer.

The findings of the survey will help focus on patients receiving cancer care as part of the Cancer Delivery Plan for Wales.

We can now start to paint a picture of cancer services in Wales and give health boards and trusts important detail on how we can all do better, both policy makers and those delivering services directly to people affected by cancer. It is a tremendous testament to the dedication, skill and compassion of those delivering cancer care that 93% of respondents rated their care seven or more out of ten.

This is exceptional and is only possible due to the quality and dedication of healthcare professionals across Wales. Whilst it would be very easy to focus on only the positive outcomes of this survey - it is vital that we do not lose sight of areas where we can do better.

We will not rest until all these issues are addressed.

We have a new cancer plan, a new cancer network and new commitment to person-centered cancer care.

We will continue to work with key partners such the cancer alliance and cancer network to support progress in these areas.

– Vaughan Gething AM, Health Secretary

Macmillan believes having a good experience of care is as important as having excellent medical treatment and these results show us what is working well in cancer care in Wales and where improvements are needed.

– Susan Morris, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales