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Plans to create one million Welsh speakers by 2050 announced

Plans to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050 have been announced.

Credit: PA

The Welsh government was to grow Welsh-medium education and provide people with the skills to be able to use the language with their families, in their communities and the workplace.

Welsh is one of our treasures, and is part of what defines us as a nation – whether we speak the language or not. Reaching a million speakers is a deliberately ambitious target to so that the Welsh language thrives for future generations.

There are challenges ahead, but we can undoubtedly face those in the knowledge that we are building from a position of strength. If we are to succeed, we need the whole nation to take ownership of the language.

Politicians can’t impose that, but politicians can lead.

By raising our expectations and adopting an ambitious vision, we have the potential to change the future outlook for the language”

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

We know that language policy needs to be rooted in consensus and democratic strength.

Together, by renewing our energy, adapting to an ever changing landscape, we can enable the Welsh language to grow - a living language for all that unites us as a nation

– Alun Davies AM. Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language