Research by the Principality Building Society has found that the housing market grew by 0.8 per cent or £1, 375 in the last year, the slowest rate seen since August 2013.

Eight local authorities have seen a fall in annual house price growth over the last year, while 16 of the 22 councils have seen a fall in the last quarter.

The biggest increase in property sales were seen in terraced houses which rose 25 per cent in the first quarter of 2017 compared to last year.

Semi-detached houses followed closely with a 20 percent rise followed by an 11 per cent increase in sales of detached houses.

Flat sales, however fell by 3 per cent.


The average house price in Wales grew by £1,375 or 0.8 per cent in the last 12 months

Average house prices by local authority in Wales.

  • Newport - £176, 090

  • Cardiff - £212, 697

  • Vale of Glamorgan - £229, 112

  • Swansea - £159, 289

  • Carmarthenshire - £144,150

  • Pembrokeshire - £188,751

  • Conwy - £180,244

  • Anglesey - £191,951

The Chief Financial Officer at Principality says there will be fluctuations in housing sales and prices in the future.

The cost of living is rising, which means that consumers need to spend more just to maintain their current standard of living. This is a significant extra pressure for those who are saving for a deposit.

Tom Denman, Chief Financial Officer, Principality