Feathers ruffled as escaped parrot keeps village awake

Robbie the parrot refuses to go home. Credit: Wales News

A lusty parrot is keeping a town awake with its squawks after escaping - to look for love.

Robbie the grass-green parrot managed to fly the nest to live on rooftops of nearby houses.

The feathered fugitive has been giving locals early morning wake-up calls in Usk, Monmouthshire, by squawking at 5am.

Neighbours believe the lonely bird is looking for a companion - and are considering flying in a female friend to lure him home.

Owner Paul Wilson, 48, told how his bird is going through "stroppy teenage years" and has been desperately trying to lure him back.

The council has even appealed on Facebook for help from bird specialists.

Can you help catch Robbie? Credit: Monmouthshire Council / Facebook

Parrot expert wanted to save Robbie the parrot...

Robbie is a local celebrity who has escaped his home in Usk and is currently living on local buildings, he's totally beautiful, very noisy and has a cocktail in the Mad Platter named after him!

It's time for him to be returned home - can you help please?

– Monmouthshire County Council

Cabinet maker Paul said: "Robbie is going through his stroppy teenage years.

"He doesn't like jackdaws and while he's not particularly big, he can hold his own.

"We've had a fantastic response and lots of phone calls but still haven't managed to get Robbie back yet."

Robbie has taken up temporary residence on the roof of the village's Mad Platter bar - where he now has a cocktail named after him.

Bar owner Victoria Lewis said: "Maybe he needs some love and to shake his tail feathers.

"At 6am every morning he wakes me by making the most horrendous noise.

"I look out to the roof and try and coax him down but he will fly off, then come back. We try and coax him with food but no luck yet.

"There are crows around but he is really standing his ground with those. He has an unusual whistle and sometimes he is just looking for attention.

" I have tried to climb to the roof and even contacted a pet shop to see how we can coax him but they say he may bite."

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