Revealed: The Cardiff councillors late paying their own council tax after FOI battle

ITV Wales can reveal the names of the Cardiff Councillors who have been late paying their own tax bill - after a year-long battle with the authority to disclose their names.

Councillor Ali Ahmed, who represents the Cathays ward, and Councillor Jackie Parry, who represents Rumney, only paid their council tax after being sent reminder letters.

While a third, who’s no longer a councillor after May’s election, was also late.

Council tax pays for things like rubbish collections, street lights and care for the elderly. Our local councillors set the rate and are responsible for its collection.

Back in 2015, we revealed nine members of Cardiff Council were late paying their council tax - by far the highest in Wales. But the authority would not tell us who.

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Last summer, we returned to the topic to see if some councillors in the capital were still late paying the tax.

Following a Freedom of Information request, the authority told ITV Wales in 2016 - three councillors were sent reminders - but again would not say who, citing data protection.

The appeal was also unsuccessful as they again refused to disclose any names.

Credit: ITV News

The Information Commissioner eventually intervened and despite Cardiff Council’s objections the names were disclosed - almost a year later.

One of the councillors Jackie Parry, said due to a family bereavement she missed one payment, but normally always pays on time.

While councillor Ali Ahmed, claimed he was only a few weeks late, but gave no reason why.

Political Reporter Owain Phillips spoke to Mr Ahmed in Cardiff over the weekend where he claimed he always paid his tax within a month.

He later agreed to an interview with ITV Wales where he stated he used a card to pay the bill but was 'sometimes one or two weeks late'. He added he will 'not make this mistake again'.

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