More than 20 Koi carp found dead at Swansea hothouse

More than 20 koi carp - worth hundreds of pounds each - have been discovered dead in their heated waters at a popular Swansea visitor centre.

The futuristic Plantasia centre - which was used as a location for two Dr Who episodes with David Tennant and Catherine Tate - is baffled by the mass deaths.

The glass-domed hothouse in Swansea, South Wales, is "vast greenhouse with three climate zones, home to 8,000 different species of plant life from across the world."

The fish have thrived at the hothouse for more than 25 years - but their mystery death wiped out the shoal.

Test are being carried out before replenishing the popular tropical fish who have occupied the venue since its opening 27 years ago.

The staff at Plantasia will be hoping the doctor's report solves the mystery.