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Five minute phone call would've saved ponies suffering

A Pembrokeshire man has been fined, after his “shocking neglect” left three Shetland ponies suffering.

All of the ponies were found with overgrown hooves. Credit: RSPCA

Eric Gwilym Symmons of Station Road in Letterston admitted that his failure to act caused the ponies unnecessary suffering.

All of the ponies had overgrown hooves and one was 100kg under the average weight for her height. An RSPCA officer said a 'simple five-minute phone call to a farrier could've prevented the ponies suffering.

Symmons pleaded guilty to Animal Welfare Act offences and was sentenced at Haverford West Magistrates Court. He was fined £535 and told to pay £300 in costs as well as a £53 victim surcharge.

There's no excuse for this sort of shocking neglect.

This was long-term and completely unnecessary neglect, with one of the ponies also lame with a very poor physical body condition - and the RSPCA is steadfast in it's commitment to acting against such animal cruelty.

– Keith Hogben, Inspector, RSPCA

The ponies have now all been re-homed by the RSPCA.