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The Brecon Beacons, a true walker's paradise

Even though Wales has an abundance of beautiful scenery, there are now more ways than ever for us to spend our time making the most of our surroundings. Tonight, i'm heading out for a walk in the Brecon Beacons. But this is a walk with a difference. Because my walking companion is.... a sheep!

You could say that walking the dog is so... yesterday! Today, sheep trekking is the way forward! Nicola Matthews and her family have a flock of Jacobs sheep, and 220 acres of farmland. And with plenty of visitors desperate to enjoy the open air it seems like the perfect combination!

Nicola explains the benefits of sheep trekking!

As the saying goes, "don't knock it 'til you've tried it". So I urge you to give it a try! Sheep trekking is a whole new way to enjoy the green, green grass of home! And my fellow trekkers agreed!

Ruth and friends

From sheep trekking, to horse riding! But this is horse riding... on a beach!

Horse riding on Marros Sands

I've been exploring Marros Sands in Carmarthenshire on horseback! As a self-confessed beginner, even I could cope with the pace! But perhaps my gentle stroll was a little too gentle for these lovely horses, who were keen to stretch their legs when they hit the sand!

Marros Riding Centre staff take to the sands!

And of course there is the inevitable scene where I struggle to get back on to my horse Danny and end up in a truly inelegant position with a film crew laughing at me instead of helping! It's a good job we're all friends!!

Yes, that's me. Trying to get back on!

Andrew, however manages to look a whole lot more at home as he indulges in a spot of horseback archery!

Andrew on horseback

The aim is to hit the target whilst cantering past at speed. And Wolfie Hughes from Brecon is a leading expert in this rather flamboyant art. So much so, he's represented Great Britain in the sport, and appeared in countless films too.

Wolfie Hughes in character!

So will Andrew hit the target? You'll have to watch to find out!

Hitting the target?

And in a somewhat slower pace, in shadow of the Second Severn Crossing Andrew joins the fisherman from Blackrock who indulge in an ancient method of salmon fishing, known as Lathe net fishing.

Fishing with a difference

The season runs from June to August, and whilst it might not bring fish in bulk, it's a tradition which has lasted for many thousands of years, and has become something of a way of life for those few who still fish this way.

Martin Morgan explains all to Andrew

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