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No prosecutions over death of baby with fractured skull

Nobody will face prosecution over the death of a five-month-old baby girl who died after suffering a fractured skull, an inquest has heard.

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Sunaria Hamid-Howells was rushed to hospital from her Pontypridd home on December 30 2012 but later died from her injuries.

In 2015 an inquest at Cardiff Coroner's Court was adjourned after evidence from the baby's mother Katherine about finding her not breathing properly while in the arms of her father Dilshad Hamid.

On October 23 2015, I adjourned this inquest and referred the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions because after hearing the evidence of Katherine Hamid-Howells. I was satisfied that there maybe new information suggesting not only that a homicide may have taken place but that there may have been someone responsible for that homicide.

– Christopher Woolley, Coroner

The coroner said the conclusion from prosecutors was that there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

Mr Christopher Woolley, who said he would now proceed with the inquest, outlined the evidence given by Ms Hamid-Howells on the previous occasion.

He said: "I was asking you about the events of December 30 2012.

"You said you were cleaning the bathroom floor and you heard a really disturbing cry 'not a cry I have heard before; it's still in my head'."

Mr Woolley said Ms Hamid-Howells said she heard Mr Hamid sounding 'panicky' and and then heard a sound like Sunaria's head going back and forward.

Ms Hamid-Howells told the inquest she remembered seeing Sunaria in Mr Hamid's arms 'not breathing properly'.

Questioning her, Mr Hamid, who told the coroner he had never harmed Sunaria during her short life, said: "What happened to my baby?

"I just want to know and then it is all over."

The inquest heard Sunaria had been taken to hospital with a rash on two occasions and had suffered a fractured leg at some point between November 8 2012 and Christmas Day.

A friend of Ms Hamid-Howells also found a lump on her head on Boxing Day.

Mr Woolley asked if Mr Hamid had ever harmed, shaken or dropped Sunaria or twisted her limbs.

Mr Hamid said: "Of course not," and added that he had not seen anyone else hurt her.

At the end of his evidence he said: "I want to know what is going on. I want the truth.

"I want to know what has happened. I have never done anything wrong with my baby except loving her."

Mr Woolley asked Ms Howells if she had any questions for her former partner but she said: "No, because he will just lie."

Statements given by friends of Ms Howells described her as a cautious and attentive mother and Sunaria as a "happy and contented baby".