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Range Rover that hit wall killing toddler 'had handbrake fully applied'

The Range Rover that rolled down a driveway and into a wall, killing a one-year-old girl had its handbrake 'fully applied', an inquest has heard.

Credit: Family photo / South Wales Police

The 17-year-old empty Range Rover was left unlocked on a driveway in Heolgerrig, near Merthyr Tydfil.

Pearl Melody Black died when the brakes failed on the car and it rolled down a steep hill.

She was with her father Paul and her eight-month-old brother Acer, on their way to her grandparent's house, at the time.

The vehicle was left insecure, with the automatic transmission in park with the handbrake fully applied.

It gained momentum down the drive where it went across the road and mounted the footpath opposite and hit the wall.

The boundary wall collapsed, tragically it collapsed on to Pearl, causing crush injuries I am told.

– Gareth Heatley, Coroner's Officer

The Coroner's Officer told the inquest, in Aberdare, that Pearl was taken to Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil where she was pronounced dead.

But he said the cause of death could not be established.

The inquest is adjourned until October.

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