eXXpedition Round Britain: Meet the all-female crew raising awareness of how plastic damages our seas

A team of women are sailing around the country to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our seas.

The eXXpedition team warns how single-use plastic has a devastating impact on the Earth's oceans, ecosystems and on human health.

We hear about the micro-beads, those tiny little fragments that are in cosmetics, but then there's also all of this other type of single use plastic that we use everyday like bottles and bags and pen lids and it all ends up being waste.

Emily Penn, co-founder eXXpedition

The crew includes scientists, students, artists, filmmakers, business women, psychologists and ocean activists, as well as experienced sailors.

During the voyage, the crew are testing the sea at different locations around the UK.

They are also running awareness-raising events along the way.

A sample of the water in Cardiff Bay will be analysed

The eXXpedition crew are sailing 72ft challenge yacht Sea Dragon (owned by Pangaea Exploration).

They set off from Sutton Harbour, Plymouth on the 8th August and will complete their sail in the same location on the 5th September.

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