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Anglesey family had to 'find hiding places' as Barcelona attack unfolded

Sian Jones and her family, from Anglesey, had to 'go into hiding'. Credit: Sian Jones

A Welsh woman and her family have described how they had to flee to places of safety during the Barcelona attack.

Sian, from Penysarn on Anglesey, was on a day trip to Barcelona with her mother, grandmother, sister and cousin when a van crashed into pedestrians in the city's bustling Las Ramblas district on Thursday.

"We were in Las Ramblas, walking away towards the station," Sian told ITV News.

"It was hectic. A young boy translated for us: 'Terrorist attack - run, run, run!' So we fled. We lost our cousin and sister in the crowds, but with some luck we ended up in the same building."

A van crashed into pedestrians in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, in the first of two Spanish terror attacks.

As the chaos unfolded, Sian and her family had to find hiding places as they feared for their safety.

"First of all, we were in a building that was being converted," Sian continued.

"Then we were told it was safe to go. When we left, people started running and screaming again so we fled.

"Luckily, a hotel pulled us in and told us to stay locked in until it was safe to leave."

When the streets cleared and the chaos calmed, the family were taken by the Red Cross organisation to a nearby station to allow them to return to their resort, which is an hour from Barcelona.

Despite now being safe, Sian and her family are still reeling from what they witnessed.

"It was horrific - sirens everywhere. There were screaming people with lost children. Everybody is shaken up and looking forward to leaving tomorrow.

– Sian Jones

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