Mayor dies after launching Aberavon beach race

A mayor collapsed and died after falling ill on public duty at a beach race.

Councillor Janice Dudley, 73, suffered an asthma attack while attending the beach race as guest of honour.

She was present to start the race - but was unable to carry on as she struggled for breath.

Event organiser Bernard Donovan said: "The mayor was taken ill, she suffers from asthma and had a very bad asthma attack and had to be taken into A&E but the race went ahead."

The Round the Pier Swim at Aberavon Beach, near Swansea, south Wales continued on Saturday as the mayor was treated in hospital.

Grandmother of four Mrs Dudley then passed away on Sunday evening.

Mrs Dudley, of Neath, has represented the people of Bryncoch South, in Neath, since 2004.

The Round the Pier Swim is a popular biathlon that has been run annually since 1969.