The First Minister has agreed to work together with Scotland's First Minister on amendments to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

They says these changes will be designed to protect devolved powers and responsibilities and provide effective powers to ensure devolved law works on withdrawal from the EU.

Carwyn Jones and Nicola Sturgeon also committed to coordinate advice to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly to ensure that both are fully informed of the risks posed by the UK Government Bill and the proposed changes.

Both governments have previously made clear that they could not recommend legislative consent is given to the UK Government’s proposals as they impose unacceptable constraints on current devolved powers, and are impractical and unworkable in practice.

Mr. Jones has described the bill in its current form as a "blatant Westminster power grab.

We are approaching the twentieth anniversaries of the referendums that established the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Those votes, and the development of devolution since 1998, provide the secure democratic basis for self-government in Scotland and Wales.

First Ministers Statement

The UK Government says it is committed to "working with the devolved administrations."

he UK Government is committed to working with the devolved administrations as we deliver a successful Brexit for the whole of the UK.