Stories from the streets: John's account

John is one of a growing number of rough sleepers in Cardiff.

He agreed to share his story with ITV Cymru Wales as part of our week-long special coverage on homelessness.

Originally from Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, John has been on the streets for just over a year. He says he never imagined he would find himself without a home.

An avid bookworm, John passes the time by reading books donated by kind-hearted members of the public.

He also relies on coins from passers-by simply to be able to eat, but sometimes struggles to scrape together enough money to feed himself.

John told our journalists he is often verbally abused on the streets.

Shockingly, he also spoke of the abuse he faces from complete strangers, some of whom call him names and shout at him: "Get a life; get a job."

John is keen to dispel the stereotype that homeless people are "all junkies and alchies".

He is currently waiting for a place in a hostel, but dreams of having a permanent home and a job one day.

John says he dreams of a brighter future, with a job and a place to call his own.

Until then, the streets are where he spends his days and nights, and his bed is a cold concrete floor.

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