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Welsh bodybuilder James 'Flex' Lewis: 'Winning Mr Olympia for the sixth time is surreal'

James 'Flex' Lewis has power-lifted his way to a sixth consecutive Mr Olympia title. Credit: Flex Lewis / YouTube

A Welsh bodybuilder who has just won his sixth consecutive Mr Olympia title has told ITV News his victory feels "surreal".

James 'Flex' Lewis, 33, muscled his way to the title in Las Vegas over the weekend - rivalling The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Flex, from Llanelli, only took up weightlifting as a teenager to help him bulk up for rugby.

But his hobby soon turned into a passion that saw him entering competitions and emulating his film star hero, Arnie.

Flex now lives in California and runs his own business, as well as being an Instagram star.

But he told ITV News he credits his Welsh roots with giving him a strong work ethic.

The Llanelli lad started bodybuilding as a hobby but is now at the top of his game. Credit: Flex Lewis / YouTube

I've still got this Welsh accent... never lost my roots. The blue collar, mining, steel town background has taught me to grind.

If you want to go for something in life, go for it. Don't let anybody talk you out of your goals and dreams.

I came to America and knew one person. And now I'm sitting at the top of the tree, but have never forgotten my roots.

– James 'Flex' Lewis

Mr Olympia is the sport's biggest competition - and Flex is one of the biggest names in the game.

Speaking to ITV Cymru Wales presenter Andrea Byrne about his victory, he said: "It's surreal... it's been a whirlwind.

"To equal [Arnie's] record is madness. And I didn't even know it was going to happen."

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