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Cardiff mum captures moment gender reveal with daughter goes wrong

A mother in Cardiff has captured the funny moment her daughter reacted to the news her new sibling was going to be a boy.

Credit: Siobhan O'Brien

Siobhan O'Brien videoed little Daisy being handed a gift with a heart and some sweets and explained if the heart was pink, it was a girl and if it was blue, it was a boy.

Soon after Daisy realised the colour, she burst into tears, explaining to her mum she desperately wanted a little sister.

Credit: Siobhan O'Brien

Siobhan explained to Daisy that having a little brother was going to be exciting, but Daisy was having none of it.

Luckily, Siobhan saw the funny side and Daisy soon calmed down after realising sweets were involved...

Daisy lives with her mum and dad in Cardiff Credit: Siobhan O'Brien
Siobhan married husband Steven in December and is now expecting her second child Credit: Siobhan O'Brien

We're sure when the baby does arrive, Daisy will give him a much warmer welcome into the world!