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Failure to reach a Brexit deal would be 'catastrophic', Mark Drakeford warns

Mr Drakeford will highlight Welsh priorities in Brussels. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Failure to reach a Brexit deal would be 'catastrophic' for the UK, the Welsh Finance Secretary, Mark Drakeford has warned.

With negotiations showing little to no progress, he says a no-deal would would have 'dire economic, security and social consequences.'

The cabinet Secretary will meet Guy Verhofstadt MEP, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, as part of a two day visit to Brussels.

He will highlight the Welsh Government's priorities for leaving the EU - particularly access to the single market, migration which protects the Welsh economy, and a transition period.

“This is an opportunity for me to set out our priorities for a deal that works for Wales, the UK and the rest of the EU 27. We’re hearing alarming noises suggesting a no deal is a viable outcome. This is a deeply dangerous fallacy. Walking away from talks would be a catastrophic failure which would have dire economic, security and social consequences. As a government, we will always want the best outcome for Wales and the Welsh economy. In the short, medium and long-term, we believe the only way of achieving this is by securing the closest possible relationship with the single market.

– Mark Drakeford, Finance Secretary.

Over the two days, he will also meet Sir Tim Barrow, the UK Permanent Representative to the EU and key figures from the European Parliament.