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Plaid propose 'youth basic income' to support 18-24 year olds


Helping young people 'earn, learn or serve' with a guaranteed minimum income is among the policies Plaid Cymru will focus on ahead of the next election.

Plaid's economy and infrastructure spokesman Adam Price AM will outline the plans during his speech at the party conference in Caernarfon this afternoon, focusing on what is described as a 'youth basic income' for those aged between 18 and 24.

The model would include:

  • A guaranteed job,
  • A paid 12- month placement,
  • Support for both further or higher education,
  • An enterprise allowance, assisting young people to start new businesses.

The Carmarthen and Dinefwr AM says it would offer the 'most comprehensive package of support to young people in the world.' The policies would be explored through a new party think tank.

The depth of Plaid Cymru's passion and commitment to our nation will not be enough in themselves to deliver the change in fortunes our country so desperately needs. The quality of our ideas will be fundamental to our and our nation's success.

That's why we will soon be launching Nova Cambria – named in inspiration of the new Wales we want to see and remind us that responsibility for changing Wales rests with us. Nova Cambria will be tasked with working up the detail of ideas that I want to see at the heart of the Plaid Cymru Government of 2021 in which I hope to serve...

From additional business support for Welsh companies, replacing the out-dated model of business rates to delivering the most comprehensive package of support for young people across the entire world, Plaid Cymru will deliver the policies to utilise the creativity and productivity of our people to enhance the nation's prosperity.

– Adam Price, Plaid Cymru Economy and Infrastructure spokesman