Should food manufacturers put more vegetables in our meals?

Forty per cent of people in Wales eat out at pubs, restaurants or cafes once or twice a week.

But how many of us can honestly say we make healthy choices when we do?

Do you get your five-a-day?

Some of the key people in Wales' food industry have got behind a so-called 'veg pledge' - aiming to include more vegetables in the meals we're served.

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The Peas Please campaign held a Vegetable Summit at Cardiff's Pierhead Building, where Welsh retailers, food producers and manufacturers pledged to improve the availability, accessibility, affordability and quality of vegetables that we eat.

It's obvious that the five a day message isn't getting through, it hasn't got through, and we know because there are less people eating five a day than ten years ago.

– Katie Palmer, Food Cardiff

Organisations signing up include Cardiff Council and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, along with S.A. Brain and Co and Castell Howell.