Cardiff named Britain's junk food capital

Cardiff has been named the junk food capital of Britain with residents spending more on fast food and take aways than any other city.

Researchers looked into Britain's shopping habits and revealed a spending map of the UK – with the people of Cardiff also emerging as the biggest spenders on health and fitness.

1,500 people were asked what they spend their money on each year and those in Cardiff admitted spending £86.80 (£1,041 a year) on take-aways and fast food.

Anita Naik, Consumer Editor at VoucherCodes said:

The study from VoucherCodes also shows half of the adults who completed the poll described themselves as good with money, but 11 percent said they were terrible when it comes to managing money.

But the average person blows all their wages 15 days after getting paid and as many as 53 percent said they often find themselves with no money left at all.

54 percent of us are savvy enough to set ourselves a monthly budget but 28 percent said they always fail to stick to it.

Other spending capitals named in the poll were:

  • Oxford: Health and Fitness Capital - £921 a year on gym memberships and classes

  • London: Fashion Capital - £1,179 a year on clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories

  • Newcastle: Holiday Capital - £1,781 a year on holidays and mini breaks