1. ITV Report

Velindre cancer centre opens its doors for ITV Wales programme

The work of one of Wales’ centres of excellence for cancer treatment is the subject of a new documentary series to be shown on ITV Cymru Wales next year.

Filming has begun for Hospital of Hope, a portrait of Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, capturing the human stories behind the cancer statistics and diagnostics.

Focusing on the patients and staff who make Velindre such an inspiring and safe place to be treated, the four-part series is produced for ITV Wales by Green Bay Media.

From the uplifting and emotive stories of the patients as they undergo treatment to the pioneering work of the staff, each 30-minute programme will capture the highs and lows inside the centre.

The series will also feature the pioneering Oncology project by Cardiff University School of Medicine as young medics closely follow cancer patients for a greater understanding of the impact of cancer on patients and their relatives.

As cancer rates improve in Wales, we’re proud to be making a series that will capture the exceptional sense of courage and commitment from patients and staff alike.

From pioneering medical research and treatment to the personal effect of cancer on patients and their families, we’ll see first-hand the impact of life changing decisions and how in the darkest of times patients are given hope for dignity and choice, even in end of life care.

From the porters and ambulance staff, to consultants and specialist nurses, viewers will get to know the army of skilled professionals supporting patients. We hope to show how life, laughter and love continues through the most challenging of circumstances and how medical development is increasing the number of cancer survivors.

– Llinos Griffin-Williams, executive producer, Green Bay Media

We’re immensely grateful to Velindre Cancer Centre for the access given for the making of this illuminating and inspirational series. It’s sure to be one of the highlights of the ITV Wales schedule in 2018.

– Jonathan Hill, editor of English Language Programmes, ITV Cymru Wales

Velindre is a very special place, full of dedicated staff. Every day we see the challenges our patients and their families face with such strength. I am sure a lot of people who watch the series might be affected by cancer themselves or know someone who has had cancer. We hope this series will give people a helpful insight into the day-to-day work of a busy cancer centre.

– Andrea Hague, director of cancer services, Velindre Cancer Centre

The series is made in association with On Par Productions, in partnership with Velindre Trust and Cardiff University Medical School for ITV Cymru Wales.