Sargeant's lawyer said First Minister prejudiced inquiry

Carwyn Jones gave extended interviews on Monday about Carl Sargeant's sacking. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Following Carl Sargeant's death yesterday, his family have released an email and a letter that his solicitor sent to the Labour party. In the email he complained about what First Minister Carwyn Jones had said in television interviews on Monday.

In those interviews he has indicated he became “aware of a number of incidents at the beginning of last week”. He says “I asked my office to speak to those women involved who had provided detail of those incidents. As a result of those conversations I felt I had no choice but to refer the matter to the party. In the light of the correspondence with Mr Sargeant on Friday this is clearly prejudicing what is allegedly an independent enquiry ... It would seem that already a large number of people have spoken to the complainant or complainants yet we still have received no disclosure of the complaint or complainants.

Email to the Labour Party for Carl Sargeant's solicitor

In the letter, the solicitor says he'd been led to believe that the allegations were of "unwanted attention, inappropriate touching or groping" and that Mr Sargeant categorically denied any such allegations.

The family's spokesperson has set out the reasons for releasing the correspondence.

In light of the continued unwillingness to clarify the nature of the allegations made against Carl, the family wish the release into the public domain, correspondence between Carl's solicitors and the Labour Party on Monday of this week (6 November 2017).

Family Spokesperson

The Labour party have released a statement in response to concerns about the investigation into allegations against Carl Sargeant.

Following allegation brought to the attention of Welsh Labour by Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, an investigation was launched by the UK Party. The Labour Party Governance and Legal Unit spoke with Carl Sargeant and, in line with agreed procedure, outlined the nature of the allegations that had been received and how the complaints process works.

Labour Party spokesperson