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Experts and residents meet for 'landmark' social housing conference

Credit: PA

A conference is to be held between social housing experts, campaigners and residents to discuss the future of social housing in Wales.

It's said to be the first conference of it's kind and will consider the need for a housing charter for Wales.

Unison say that in the backdrop of the Grenfell disaster it is a critical time for social housing in Wales.

Years ago, it was our civic pride to look after every member of society and provide a decent council house to everyone who needed one. Adequate and comfortable housing was seen as a human right.

The avoidable Grenfell tragedy was a horrible consequence of a lack of investment in social house building; councils being starved of money by savage Westminster spending cuts and privatisations muddying responsibility for housing maintenance.

People in privately-rented homes are struggling as rents rocket and the result is evictions and increased homelessness, particularly for those who are mentally ill. Women's refuge centres are closing and those escaping domestic violence have nowhere to go.

– Lynne Hackett, Unison Cymru