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Caernarfon snake in a drain reunited with owner

Rebecca's son Dion with Charlie the snake Credit: Family photo

A mother has been reunited with her 4ft-long pet snake, which went missing four months ago.

Rebecca Wood, 34, contacted the RSPCA after pictures of Charlie, her pet orange and pink California corn snake, spread across social media.

Charlie was found eight miles away at Welsh Water's treatment works in Caernarfon, North Wales.

Charlie was found by a waterworks engineer earlier this week. Credit: RSPCA

Charlie could push the glass window open herself if we didn't wedge it with paper, so one day when I was upstairs folding clothes she let herself out.

My son came home and shouted, 'Mam where is Charlie?'

I ran downstairs to look for her and we noticed all of our shampoos had been knocked into the bath.

I think she went under my bath where there are holes.

– Rebecca Wood, snake owner

The family only had Charlie for three months before she went missing.

Credit: RSPCA

I've always wanted a snake even though it bit me on the first day it was here.

I've bought her some mice but she has been fed and is just happy to curl up in the tank all nice and warm.

– Rebecca Wood

Charlie the snake appeared unharmed despite living in the sewer system for four months, and was kept by the RSPCA overnight before being transported to a specialist facility.

The snake had been living in sewage drains. Credit: RSPCA

We took the cover off the manhole and saw this 'Pink thing'. I looked closer and realised that it was a snake.

It was around three to four foot and while I didn't know if it was poisonous or not, I knew that it wasn't from this country.

This was the last thing I expected to see in the sewer and I was worried that it would get hurt if we didn't remove it.

– Keith Bridge, maintenance engineer for Welsh Water

Miss Wood said her children Shayley, 12, and Dion, 10, were "made up" their favourite pet had returned to the family home in Llanllyfni, North Wales.

Corn snakes are harmless towards humans as they do not carry functional venom.

Rebecca's daughter Shayley with Charlie the snake Credit: Family photo

I was shaking with excitement hoping I would get Charlie back.

I can't tell you how happy we are that she is home safe and sound.

It wasn't my idea to have a snake, but I do actually feel love for her.

– Rebecca Wood