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Caldey Abbey apologise over monk sexual abuse claims

An Abbott on Caldey Island where allegations of historical sexual abuse have emerged has apologised after allegations against one of its monks was not passed to the police.

The monk Brother Thaddeus Kotik who has since died.

It's understood six women were paid compensation following claims against a monk - Thaddeus Kotik in the 70s and 80s. But it's feared there could be more potential victims.

Police say they did receive reports of historic sexual abuse but could not proceed with a prosecution because the monk died in 1992.

The Abbey said the claims should have been reported, adding: "This clearly did not happen and we apologise."

Brother Daniel added the abbey was working with Children's Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland.

But, she has told ITV Wales "categorically" neither her or her office has "had contact with Brother Daniel, nor are we working with Caldey Abbey."

It is feared Kotik abused others who have not come forward.

It was with great sadness and regret that we heard allegations of historical sexual abuse involving Father Thaddeus who died in 1992.

Any allegations of child abuse should be reported to the appropriate authorities and investigated. This clearly did not happen and we apologise.

I acted at every step with compassion and empathy, and expressed my regret and sorrow at any such abuse. I flew to Australia to meet two claimants expressly to apologise."

I am truly sorry that my predecessors did not report allegations to the police and I am sorry that as an abbey, it has taken so long to compensate for these claims.

Caldey Abbey has worked to ensure this can never be repeated.

We now have robust child protection procedures in place on the island including a child protection coordinator."

As abbot, I very much regret any harm caused to any layperson as a result of the actions of one of my community, and strive to ensure that every visitor to Caldey enjoys only peace, comfort and the feeling of wellbeing.


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