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Considerable room for improvements' of cancer treatment times needed says report

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There is 'considerable room for improvements' for cancer treatment times according to a cancer report published today.

The Welsh Government's Cancer Annual Statement says experts clinicians say no patient should wait more than 62 says from when cancer is first suspected to the start of treatment.

There's also a call for focusing on improving outcomes and earlier diagnosis.

Cancer services in Wales have seen continued improvements, according to the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government's Cancer Annual Statement also showed an additional 1,800 people were treated within target time compared to five years ago.

The statement shows in 2016/17:

  • 17,201 people started their treatment for cancer
  • Of these, 15,912 were treated within target
  • For the first time more than 72% of people diagnosed with cancer between 2010 and 2014 survived at least one year
  • The Wales cancer patient experience survey showed 93% of respondents rated their care positively
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Cancer has become the single biggest cause of premature death in Wales and the UK. We need to educate and support people to reduce their risk of developing cancer, by quitting smoking, improving diets and levels of physical activity, as well as reducing harmful drinking and UV exposure. We must not forget that around 4-in-10 cancers are potentially preventable.

For people who develop cancer we need to ensure the service are there to support them and treat them. We will continue to invest in cancer services and work with the NHS to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.

– Vaughan Gething, Health Secretary

The Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething says he expects all health boards, in addition to improving performance on the two existing pathways, to start shadow reporting the new single pathway for cancer.