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Poll shows 27% of voters say Carwyn Jones should resign as First Minister

Credit: PA Images
  • by Nick Powell

An exclusive opinion poll for ITV Cymru Wales has revealed how much damage the crisis in the Welsh Government has done to the First Minister's standing with voters with 27% of people saying he should resign.

There's still more support for the First Minister staying than quitting Credit: ITV News
  • 27% think Carwyn Jones should resign as First Minister
  • 31% think he should not resign as First Minister
  • 42% don't know whether or not he should resign

A lead of more than 4% on the question of whether or not he should go is hardly comfortable for the First Minister.

The large number of 'don't knows' isn't exactly encouraging for him either.

Even 19% of people who voted Labour in this year's General Election think he should go.

This comes after several years when polls consistently showed that Carwyn Jones was an exceptionally popular politician.

The average voter has liked him as much as disliked him - which is about as good as it gets for a party leader in modern Britain.

In a poll in June, people were asked to mark him out of ten and he scored 5.0. Now he's on 4.3.

Even so, only Jeremy Corbyn on 4.7 and Leanne Wood on 4.4 are better liked. Theresa May scores 3.6 out of ten.

Nearly all voters think Carwyn Jones got it wrong when he relied on political aides and party officials to look into the allegations made against his cabinet colleague. Just 3% think that was the right approach.

Hardly anyone agrees with the way Carwyn Jones handled the allegations against Carl Sargeant Credit: ITV News
But most people think that he's now right to have an inquiry into what he knew about allegations of bullying in the Welsh Government. Credit: ITV News

The strong support for an inquiry suggests that the First Minister is now catching up with the public mood -he agreed last Thursday to an inquiry into what he knew about bullying. Much now depends for Carwyn Jones on that inquiry's findings.