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Inquiry into electrification to look at what lessons can be learnt

The Welsh Affairs Committee will continue their inquiry into rail electrification in South Wales today with a session focussing on how the Great Western Railway project was managed between Swansea and Cardiff.

The session will look at what lessons can be learnt from the cancellation of the electrification between Swansea and Cardiff. Credit: PA

In July 2017, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced that the planned electrification of Cardiff to Swansea section of the Great Western Railway had been cancelled. Prior to this announcement, the project had been criticised for poor planning, delays and growing costs.

The original business case put forward by the Welsh Government in 2012 put the cost for that part of the line at £156 million. In 2016, a report by the National Audit Office had raised this figure to £433 million.

This session will look at the reasons for the cost over-runs and eventual cancellation of the scheme, and ask what lessons have been learnt that would prevent such issues occurring in future projects. It will also investigate long term solutions for providing cost-effective, high quality rail services in South Wales.

The committee will hear from leading rail industry figures including chiefs from Great Western Rail, National Rail and the wider industry.