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The Royal Mint release series of 'Welsh Dragon coins'

The Royal Mint has released a range of coins depicting the Welsh Dragon, the design is one of ten celebrating British Heraldry.

The coin is a collectible and the most valuable will be sold for almost £50,000. Credit: The Royal Mint

It's a collectible and the most valuable will be sold for almost £50,000.

The most valuable coin will be sold for £50,000.

The red dragon of Wales is one of ten heraldic beasts which has stood guard on standards and coats of arms throughout centuries of British Heraldry.

Striking for the largest of the red dragon of Wales coins started on Monday using a special press, the same one the Royal Mint used to strike the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic medals.

It is a silver kilo, 10cm across and will sell at around £2,050. Kilo coins are popular with collectors all over the world.

The smallest coin will be sold between £5-£13.

The coin was designed by Jody Clark, a member of the Royal Mint team.

I wanted the beasts in the collection to feel fantastical but also have realistic elements.

I think the static shield at the centre of the coin gives a contrast to the beast, with the dragon's tail and claws curling around the shield giving the design a sense of movement.

Although the dragon isn't a real creature, I could still take inspiration from real animals. I researched lizards, crocodiles and snakes and tried lots of different approaches until I got the look I wanted. The dragon wings were difficult to create; they're almost skin-like so looking at bats helped with that.

– Jody Clark, Coin designer

The Red Dragon of Wales is the third creature to appear in The Royal Mint's commemorative 'Queen's Beasts' range following the launch of the Unicorn in Scotland and the Lion of England.